Here at CHCI, we get very excited around the holiday season. We began setting up for Sweet Tree Day immediately following Thanksgiving. Tatu, Loulis and Dar have been enjoying the bright lights and sweet treats decorating their tree for about a month, waiting for one of everyone’s favorite days of the year. Today, the big day finally arrived. We greeted the chimpanzees this morning with big play faces and breathy pants, signing HAPPY SWEET TREE DAY and PARTY DAY TODAY! All three chimpanzees quickly became very excited with play faces and breathy pants of their own. Setting up for Sweet Tree Day takes some time, so we quickly got to work prepping their treats and setting up decorations.





We also showed the chimpanzees some of the treats, like the amazing gingerbread train we received, as we were taking them out.

dscf7967.jpgSweet Tree Day is just as exciting for the caregivers, so we went into the observation area to be able to enjoy the party, too.


dscf7974.jpgWhen Tatu, Dar and Loulis finally arrived at the party, a lot of food grunts and food squeaks (reserved for very exciting treats) could be heard. Dar went for the juice cups first, Tatu searched for all the meat and cheese baggies she could find, and Loulis went straight for the gingerbread house.

dscf7998.jpgdscf8096.jpgdscf8084.jpgAfter the initial excitement, the chimpanzees explored the room a little more. Tatu really enjoyed the leeks and Dar ate some fruit.

dscf8075.jpgdscf8025.jpgLoulis was in a playful mood, interacting with the caregivers and starting games of chase.

dscf8064.jpgWe think this year’s Sweet Tree Day was a success!



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