‘Tis the Season to be Joyful and Thankful!

Here at CHCI we are thankful for many things: that the chimpanzees get to live in a safe and caring environment; that we have amazingly devoted interns to help in their care; and that we receive continuing support from so many of you! We are still receiving wonderful gifts from our Amazon Wishlist and I want to take a minute and let you know what that means to us at CHCI and what we do with those items. For pictures of these items check out the photos and posts on our facebook page.

The Slack family sent us decaffeinated coffee, a cutting board, masks, and  giant inflatable clown shoes. The masks and clown feet are fun enrichment for the chimps to use.  The chimpanzees do enjoy coffee, and we prefer to give them decaf. The humans tend to prefer the caffeinated variety, so most of the coffee in the building is the loaded kind. Now the chimpanzees have their own coffee and they like to enjoy it with flavored creamer! As I mentioned in my previous write up about the donations we have received from our wishlist, our kitchen items are old, beat up, and worn out. Thanks to donations like the Slack family’s, our kitchen accessories are looking much better, and cooking is more joyful then ever!

Katherine Popejoy was kind enough to purchase the Dirt Devil dust buster off our list along with 2 replacement filters and rechargeable batteries.  As any home, we are prone to little spills and messes.  The little Dirt Devil makes cleaning these up so much easier and less time consuming.  Between data collection and the pictures we take to share, we use several electronics here at CHCI, and rechargeable batteries are a must.  We use them so much that we have already been through several sets, so we were very happy to receive a fresh set.  Thank you Katherine!

If you ever visit our chimp cams, you know we have web cams for each playroom.  When the one in the East room started to die, we put it a new one on our wishlist in hopes we might receive a new one.  Within a few weeks Ric Pilgrim found it and purchased it for us.  Whenever you view the East room via the web cam, you can thank Ric for his donation, we do!

We received two wonderful items from Stephen Kilpatrick. The first was a HD pocket video camcorder. This is great because now if we need a quick video of the chimps we can record it and dump it directly on the computer for editing without the hassle of transferring and digitizing. His other donation were cooking sheets, which has made making homemade french fries (one of Tatu’s favorites) and other items much easier. Thank you Stephen!

The chimpanzees were very pleased to receive Redvines, tea, and granola bars from Jamie Owens. The chimps don’t get a lot of sugary treats, so they were very excited for the Redvines and have enjoyed all of these items very much. Now that the weather is colder (much colder!) the tea will be greatly appreciated. Big pant hoots to Jamie!

Carole Marshall sent construction paper and glue sticks. We have very creative interns here and they use these items to construct fun enrichment for the chimps. We also give the chimpanzees construction paper that they can use to draw or paint on. Arts and crafts by all primates here at CHCI are a regular occurrence. Thank you Carole!

There are years and years of research including thousands of VHS tapes in CHCI filing cabinets. We use them for data collection. Each year we find that it is getting harder and harder to find VHS players and ours are slowly breaking. We would love to transfer everything to a digital format, but that is hugely expensive, so for now VCR’s are a must. Barbara Stone helped keep data collection going by sending us a new DVD/VCR player. Thank you so much Barbra!

The Amazaon Wishlist offers items to purchase directly from Amazon and from affiliated stores. Sometimes items that are supplied by those affiliates arrive without information about who purchased them so thank you to all the people who sent the following items: a whisk, a tripod, an external hard drive, clear tubing, cleaning brushes, nuts, dried apricots, and a telescoping squeegee.

The external hard drive has been wonderful. While most past data is on VHS, newer technology allows us to transfer video clips to the computer. Unfortunately, video clips take up a lot of space. Enter the external hard drive! 

It is very hard to take clear pictures of moving chimpanzees in a room with low light. A tripod helps us keep the camera stay still so the chances of getting a clear picture improves. Our old tripod broke, so I put it on our wish list in hopes someone would find it. And they did! We have put it to good use.

The whisk has been a great addition to updating our kitchen. It has made making farina (aka Cream of Wheat) so much easier and less clumpier!

The vinyl tubing is perfect for enrichment. If you visit our facebook page regularly you may have seen the tubing in action. It is great for stuffing treats into, making it a challenge to get out. The chimpanzees also use it as a straw or as a tool to retrieve out of reach items. 

Cleaning is a large part of the job here and for some of it we use scrub brushes. We were in desperate need of some new brush heads recently. We received them and they are wonderful; cleaning is definitely more fun with newer equipment!

The nuts and dried apricots have been a hit with the chimpanzees! They are great as snacks and the apricots can be used as a substitute if we are low on fresh fruit, which can happen this time of year.

After cleaning it is important that we squeegee the surfaces dry. We have two long, narrow tunnels that sit up high so they need to be squeegeed from a ladder. The telescoping squeegee allows us to safely squeegee out the tunnel without having to lean or balance on one foot. This is a must if we want our interns to stay in one piece! 

A huge thank you to all of our supporters out there.Whether you send us wishlist items or other donations, are a member of Friends of Washoe, a chimposium visitor, or a friend on facebook, we truly appreciate your support!

Here Lisa, Shannon, Tracy and Dani sign THANK YOU!!dscf7793.jpg

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