It’s December 11th Do You Know Where Your Christmas Tree Is?

Sweet Tree Day, known to many others as Christmas, is a very important holiday here at CHCI and we take our preparations seriously! Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is when we pull our tree out of storage and set things in motion for the grand party at the end of December. This year Tatu supervised the set up intently from the East playroom.

img_2474.jpgAfter the tree is up, the students have a sweet treat workstation created so they can get started on production of these well-loved and appreciated tree decorations for the chimpanzees. These treats are made of a variety of food items such as cereal, dried fruits, and a few well positioned sweets like gummy bears and lifesavers. They are wrapped up to keep things fresh.

dscf7761.jpgThe sweet treats are then used to decorate the tree and the night-time enclosures prior to Christmas. After that, following the party and time-honored tradition, the chimpanzees are offered one sweet treat as dessert after dinner every night until the treats are gone. Judging from what has already been created it looks like the chimpanzees are in for some intense treats this year!

dscf7760.jpgSweet Tree Day is one of my favorite times of year; the excitement almost always leads to good moods and good times. Stay tuned for further holiday updates!

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