(Written by Rosie S.)
Last summer I bought a very sensible watch. I did not want something that stood out or made a fashion statement so I bought a plain black Timex watch with indi-glo as the only fancy feature. I had no idea at the time how much joy this would bring Tatu. Every time I see her she signs THAT BLACK and points at my wrist.

Last week I was wearing long sleeves for the first time in a while, the Ellensburg summer is well over, and Tatu could not see my watch but its outline was obvious beneath the fabric. She signed BLACK THAT. At first I could not understand what, exactly, Tatu was asking for so she clarified by signing GIMMIE BLACK TIME. I pulled my sleeve up and held up my wrist so Tatu could see my watch. I removed it and held it up for her to smell. Who knew my sensible purchase would be such a hit? I guess it is very BLACK.

(Here Rosie signs BLACK while showing Tatu her watch.)dscf5988.jpg (After, Tatu repeats BLACK to herself as she orients away from Rosie and the watch.)

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