Slow Day and a Game of Chase

(Written on 11/24/10 by Austin L.)
Today is the day before Thanksgiving and it is hovering around 6 degrees in the sun. Unfortunately that means it is too cold for the chimpanzees to go outside so they are spending the day hanging out in the indoor playrooms. To keep them entertained we put out plenty of enrichment, a nice cherry tomato and grape forage, and have been playing videos on the projector for the chimpanzees to watch.

Tatu and Loulis in the East playroom watching home videos projected on the classroom wall:

dscf7069.jpgTracy and Dani have been working on putting together a newsletter for our docent volunteers and thought it would be great to take a picture of the Liaisons for it. So we (Tracy, Dani, Lisa and I – sorry, Julie!) headed down to the observation area to take a picture in front of the windows. The process of taking the picture was quite comical as Loulis kept coming in and out of the takes.

Here is one of our outtakes!

dscf7078.jpgAfter we were done with the pictures, Loulis took advantage of our presence and began soliciting each individual for a play session. When Loulis signed YOU towards me it became my turn and he instantly followed that up with an emphatic CHASE. I was standing in the classroom at that point and unsure of where he wanted to chase. He ran across the wooden platform alongside the classroom windows and I chased after him running in between the rows of chairs and tables; this seemed to be exactly what Loulis was looking for. He then led me back through the tables and chairs again into the observation room and back again into the classroom where he began signing THAT towards my feet. He wanted to see my shoes and play tickle, so I put my feet up in the window, put on a big chimpanzee play face and began playing tickle with Loulis. After a few minutes, Loulis was content and went on to the next caregiver for another round of play.


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