What’s a Juice Forage?

Only one of the coolest enrichment ideas we’ve come up with in a while! Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration on my part but I thought it was pretty neat and the chimpanzees seemed to enjoy it too.

Thanks to the continued generous summer donations from Cloudview Ecofarm we’d been blessed with an abundance of melons. What to do with millions of melons? Juice them, of course! We combined the melons with lemons and limes to create a refreshing treat. Then, just to make things interesting, we sealed the juice in plastic baggies and taped them up in the East Playroom as part of the chimpanzees’ daily enrichment.

Judging from the food squeaks and general excitement level the forage was deemed a success by satisfied chimpanzees!

dscf4965.jpgHere are some of the juice baggies ready and waiting in the East Playroom.

dscf4932.jpgdscf4943.jpgHere is Tatu enjoying her baggie.

dscf4976.jpgLoulis foraging for a juice baggie.

dscf4990.jpgDar resting in the shaky tree with one of his juice treats.


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