MASK DAY Celebration!!

The Halloween party was much anticipated and eagerly awaited by all, human and non-human primates alike, this year. Thanks to the generous contributions by Sherri Armet, Martha Garvey & Marlena Davis the chimpanzees were well supplied with treats and decorations for the day!

Treat bags were hidden all throughout the East Playroom and included everything from healthy snacks like apples and homemade pumpkin muffins (baked by volunteer Erin J.) to the more traditional sweets.

The chimpanzees spent a delighted morning trick or treating in the enclosures and, just like humans, demonstrated a distinct preference for sweets before healthy treats. However, they ultimately savored everything offered.

Below is Tatu in the party room:dscf6234.jpgHere is Loulis in the party room:dscf6378.jpgDar in the shaky tree enjoying baked goods:dscf6373.jpgAnd, of course it wouldn’t be a Halloween party without Tatu’s new masks:dscf6443.jpg
dscf6467.jpgHope Halloween was a happy and safe one for all our friends!

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