New Mask

October means Halloween and new masks for Tatu. She is particularly fond of translucent masks with make-up. I was very excited to find one of these masks at a local grocery store wearing Tatu’s favorite shade of lipstick, black. When I first showed Tatu the mask she signed BLACK LIPSTICK and puckered her lips to give the mask a kiss. I held the mask up to the caging and she immediately began trying to lick the lipstick off of the mask.

dscf5529.jpg Tatu again signed BLACK LIPSTICK.

dscf5531.jpgTrying to take pictures of the chimpanzees can be tricky. The caging often gets in the way and the pictures turn out blurry. I wanted to be sure I snapped a good picture of Tatu signing LIPSTICK so I asked her WHAT YOU WANT? Tatu started signing LIPSTICK again but then, recognizing this as an opportunity, quickly changed her answer.

dscf5532.jpgTatu signed ICE CREAM? I shook my head no and signed SORRY.

dscf5534.jpgTatu signed COFFEE? Again, I shook my head no and signed SORRY.

dscf5533.jpgTatu signed NUT? My reply was the same.

I offered to apply some black lipstick for her. Tatu accepted this consolation.

dscf5537.jpgI applied the black lipstick and she quickly licked it off of her lips. She signed THAT MASK. I passed her new mask to her through the caging. She put the mask on and carried it with her for the rest of the day.

If you find any interesting masks you think Tatu will enjoy please send them to us! You can find some on our Amazon wish list here: CHCI Wishlist on Amazon or send us some you find around town!
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