In Loving Memory

Today we celebrated the memory of Washoe’s life by putting out enrichment that she often enjoyed and serving some of her favorite foods. Thank you to the Wong family who joined us in honoring her by sponsoring today’s treats! 

Pineapple in the breakfast fruit.dscf6042.jpgAnd apples, organic bananas, pomegranates and juice as a forage.dscf6047.jpgLeeks and romaine lettuce with lunch.dscf6129.jpg And oatmeal with onions for dinner.dscf6183.jpgThe morning forage appeared to be a great success. Here Dar is enjoying his fruit and juice in the shaky tree in the East Playroom. dscf6102.jpg

The after lunch treats went over well too! Here, in extreme close up, is Tatu enjoying her leeks.dscf6139.jpgOatmeal and onions for dinner? No complaints there. Here is Loulis enjoying the meal.dscf6210.jpgI think it was a fitting tribute to an amazing friend and one that the chimpanzees thoroughly relished!


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