Acquired Tastes?

(Written by Rozsika Steele on 9/03/10) I served the chimpanzees a bag of peanuts as an after dinner snack. After eating his peanuts, Dar put all of the shells into a cup. I was
spot cleaning the enclosures with a hose and Dar signed DRINK while holding up his cup.
I filled the cup with hot water and after a few seconds of letting the shells
steep, Dar enjoyed his peanut shell tea.


(Written by Lisa Lyons on 9/23/10) The chimpanzees had a special treat of Painted Hills Natural Beef Franksduring lunch and Dar seemed to actually be interested in eating them. This is unusual for Dar’s tastes as he generally doesn’t choose to eat meat very often.  Later, after the chimpanzee had left the night enclosures (where they are served meals) and during spot cleaning, Dar approached the East playroom’s human area with a cup.  He kissed for attention and signed DRINK so I approached with the hose. He held out his cup and I could see hot dog bits inside on the bottom. I poured some hot water into the cup and Dar went off to enjoy his hot dog drink. Not my idea of a tasty treat, but, I’m not a chimpanzee either and Dar seemed quite satisfied!

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