Spiderweb Food Puzzle

This quarter we are trying to step up our enrichment efforts by having interns come up with some fun food puzzle ideas. Yesterday seemed like a good day for a food puzzle, so while the chimpanzees were eating lunch, Georgia Arlen, Tracy Campion, and I, constructed and set up a challenging food puzzle in the human area of the West playroom. We made a spider web with yarn just outside of the caging and hung peanuts, dried pears, pretzels, and little sweet peppers throughout the web.Then we put out hoses so the chimpanzees would have access to some tools to try to reach the treats. They were excited to go out!

dscf5576.jpgDar was able to grab onto some of the yarn with his fingers and pull a few things in. Loulis also attempted this method and scored a few treats.
dscf5579.jpgAs always though, it was Tatu who really got involved in this project. Dar gave up after a few minutes and a few treats but Tatu kept working at it for quite a while.

dscf5578.jpgLoulis, after his initial reward, spent the rest of his time following Tatu in hopes of benefiting from her work.
dscf5606.jpgEventually, Tatu was able to get most of the rest of the treats.

tatujpg.jpgIt’s always fun to challenge the chimps and get their minds and bodies working.  Hopefully we will have a great quarter filled with fun and challenging food puzzles! If you have any ideas for a food puzzle or enrichment theme we’re always looking for new ideas. Please share them by emailing (chci@cwu.edu) us or posting a comment on our facebook page!

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