Berm Apple Forage

(Written on 9/10/10)
Some of you may remember from our blog post earlier this summer that the chimpanzees’ berm garden has been in bloom and producing well this year. To read that original post click here: What The Chimpanzees See. Now, in late August and early September, the apples have (finally if you asked Tatu) grown enough to eat!

dscf6984.jpgThere are two trees producing fruit. Here you can see both the yellow and red apples that are available.
dscf4408.jpgLast week, as a special treat, we used the berm apples as a forage in the outdoor enclosure for the chimpanzees. Judging from the food squeaks, it was an outstanding success!

Here, Tatu sits up on the ledge beside the yellow apple tree eating her apples. Notice the one in the fencing above her head?

dscf4568.jpgDar made out with quite the haul! Here he is with one in his mouth, one in his right hand, two in his left hand and one on the ledge beside him.
 dscf4584.jpgHere is Loulis enjoying his apples too.


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