Ice Cream Social

Last week the University hosted an ice cream social and ended the evening with leftover ice cream. CWU’s President and Mrs. Gaudino were kind enough to think of CHCI and donated some of the leftover ice cream to the chimpanzees. On Friday we decided to have an ice cream party after dinner. When the chimpanzees went out after lunch I signed to Tatu SURPRISE LATER. Tatu got really excited and vocalized with a breathy-pant. Later that afternoon one of the caregivers, Lindsay, radioed down from the berm to ask if the chimpanzees could have a treat. I told her they could have something small because they were going to have a surprise later. I spelled the surprise out for Lindsay and told her not to tell Tatu what it was, but added that if she guessed it would be okay confirm it. So Lindsay asked Tatu SURPRISE LATER, CAN YOU GUESS? Tatu immediately signed ICECREAM! The secret was out and they were excited!

After dinner we served the ice cream in waffle bowls and put chocolate sauce and sprinkles on top. It was a huge hit! They loved it! Thank you, President and Mrs. Gaudino, for thinking of the chimpanzees, you made their day!


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