dscf4223.jpgI was in the night enclosure area starting a new load of laundry when Tatu clapped her hands to get my attention. Tatu signed GUM? I replied MAYBE WAIT PLEASE. I looked in the kitchen and saw a big bag of strawberries. I asked Tatu if she would prefer gum or berries. Tatu answered BERRY GO! The strawberries smelled funny so I found mixed berry gum to serve. I went into the human cage and signed THAT BERRY-GUM. Tatu took the gum and signed BEAN (The signs for rice, bean, and berry are very similar and easily confused). I signed BEAN? YOU’RE SILLY.

Tatu looked at her hand and signed RICE. I repeated RICE? with a puzzled look on my face and slowly moved my hand from my pinky to my thumb for an exaggerated BERRY. Tatu again looked down at her hand and this time
correctly signed BERRY. I signed RIGHT BERRY-GUM, BERRY-GUM GOOD?
Tatu signed SMILE.

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