My What Big Feet You Have!

Sometimes the simplest of things, if given an opportunity, can be elevated into a shared moment of joy. Even something as seemingly ordinary as a pair of socks can, if you are willing to let it, enrich the lives of these chimpanzees beyond expectations.

Last week I happened to have a pair of white athletic socks in my hand when I approached Dar, sitting up beside the human door to the East room, for a greeting.  After a kiss on the wrist Dar began signing GIMME repeatedly while looking towards the hand holding the socks. Incredulous I held the socks up for inspection and then signed THESE SOCKS, YOU NOT WANT THAT. Dar insisted that he did as he continued to sign GIMME. Confused, I shrugged and offered him a sock. He took it and promptly fitted it onto his right foot. While he seemed to be admiring the fit on his right foot I offered the pair suggesting he might want it for his other foot. I assume Dar must have agreed since he took it and fitted it onto the left foot. Then he signed CHASE and we played a game of sock-footed chase in the East room before he climbed up into the shaky tree for a rest.(Dar sitting up in the shaky tree in East.)

(Dar lying down in the cargo net still in East.)


About Lisa Anne

Lisa is the part-time chimpanzee caregiver at CHCI. She graduated in 2008 from CWU with a Bachelor of Science in Primate Behavior and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Lisa brings a variety of skills and experience from her life prior to CWU, including jobs in real estate, consumer credit counseling, and at She is also trained as a doula and an elementary school teacher and participates as a skater on her local roller derby league.
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