Saying Goodbye and Thanks

Dear Sydney,

On behalf of all the primates at CHCI I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how very much we have appreciated the gift of your presence here over the years. You may not be aware of how you have influenced the lives of all those around you and I thought you should know. You have inspired us! You have made us laugh (and probably, sometimes, cry but only in the good way). You have worked tirelessly and selflessly, and earned the respect of all of your peers and co-workers. You are, in short, the living definition of what real heroes look like.  Thank you, Sydney, for sharing your life with us for a time and good luck in your future endeavors!

dscf4619.jpgDear Robin,

Sometimes you meet someone so important that words are useless in describing the impact that knowing them has had. You are one of those people. Your honesty and integrity contributed so much towards making CHCI a great place to be. You have enriched the lives of all the primates here not just the non-human ones. Thank you for the dedication and commitment that you always showed while you were here, for the caring kindness that was for everyone. You are an incredible friend and an amazing woman that the world will be privileged to know. Good luck in whatever comes next and know that you will always have friends in Washington!

dscf2800.jpgDear Lani,

If I were searching for someone to work with I couldn’t have found a more reliable and dependable person than you. Having you on our team was amazing; it made work fun and interesting. Your warmth and generosity will endear you to those you will encounter in the future and I know that any non-human animal you may care for will be all the better for their experience with you. Thank you for every day, every hour, every shift that you covered and garden party that you hosted. Thank you for giving us the very best of yourself and good luck with your future work!

2009-08-13-cs-009.jpgThese are volunteers I’ve had the privilege to know and work with recently whom I wanted to personally thank. There are many, many more volunteers who have been just as outstanding that I have never met or had the opportunity to thank in this way. In fact, the day-to-day life of CHCI depends upon their efforts. To all of you throughout the years that have dedicated a small portion of your lives to caring for and enriching the lives of Washoe’s chimpanzee family, a million thanks to you.

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