Enhanced Enrichment – Around the World Part 2

Since the chimps never have the opportunity to see the world beyond the walls of the CHCI, we decided to take them on a virtual adventure around the world. Using Jules Verne’s classic novel as a template, we made structures and collected toys, clothes, and other enrichment that corresponded to the different locations visited in the novel and the adventures that the characters had.

We began in London with a fuzzy Big Ben that I’m sure Elton John would have liked. Then we prepared teas, since, according to Big Ben it was tea time, and hung a Union Jack on the wall.

dscf3234.jpgNext was Egypt, where a pyramid stood among sand dunes made of bedclothes. In India, we erected the Gateway of India for “Their Chimperial Majesties” complete cows and elephants.

dscf3222.jpgIn China there was a paper dragon, and in Japan a friendly snow macaque welcomed the travelers to a volcano erupting paper and tasty ketchup. Across a red string bridge was San Francisco and New York City, marked by a Technicolor Empire State Building. A quick stroll through a field of shamrocks in Ireland brought the journey to an end back in London Town.

dscf3297.jpgWhen the intrepid travelers entered the room, which was strewn with travel- and tourist-themed enrichment, it was not long before Tatu and Loulis found the treats that were hidden in some of the structures.

dscf3270.jpgLoulis displayed a little; he even knocked over Big Ben when he came past it. The remaining structures were upturned by Tatu in her meticulous search for treats.

Satisfied that she had eaten them all, Tatu followed Loulis into the other room, where Dar had been reclining in the Shaky Tree the entire time, enjoying a magazine.


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