Happy 34th Birthday Dar!

A friend of the chimpanzees graciously donated the funds for us to host an exciting party for Dar’s 34th birthday. I volunteered to shop for party decorations and refreshments. I sought advice on what to buy from Dar’s caregivers, both past and present. I wanted to make sure the party was filled with his favorite things.  Banana ice cream, laser light show, those spinning light toys you get from the fair, and colorful plastic wrap to hold up and look through were all suggested. I went to five different stores before I determined colored plastic wrap is a seasonal item that is not available for purchase in July and if anyone knows how to put on a laser light show I would appreciate a lesson.

I ended up buying different colored streamers to decorate the room with, as well as wrapping paper and bags for the toys and snacks.  I bought cracker jacks, peach and cherry juice boxes, and blueberries for the party and I made some frozen banana coconut balls.



Once the door to the party room opened the chimpanzees immediately began searching the room for snacks.


The room was torn apart in a matter of minutes. Dar and Loulis found some good loot and headed outside to enjoy the sun.


 Tatu stayed behind and scoured the party room for remaining berries and juice.

dscf3701.jpgdscf3710.jpgThe coconut banana balls were mostly left behind. Tatu demolished them quickly, pulling off and spitting out the outer layer of coconut to get to the delicious banana center. She is not a big fan of coconut.


Dar adores bread. I mixed some dough up in the morning and left it rising in the kitchen all day. When it was time for dinner Dar had warm fresh-baked bread waiting for him.

Birthdays at CHCI are sometimes called ICE CREAM DAY because ice cream is a common celebratory dessert item. Tatu was very excited for the ice cream, in fact the only thing she said to her caregivers all day was ICE CREAM. After dinner they were served Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey in waffle bowls. Tatu picked out the chocolate bits but Dar was more than happy to eat them for her.

I’d say ICE CREAM DAY was a huge success.


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