Four Seasons In One Day

dscf3024.jpgThursday, July 15, was the first enhanced enrichment of the summer created by an apprentice team. The theme of the day was “Four Seasons in One Day.” The team, composed of Isabel M. and Stephanie C., decorated two of the night enclosures for dinner with spring/summer themed enrichment items in one room and fall/winter in the other. In addition to the evening enrichment the chimpanzees were given a daytime forage. Tatu, Loulis and Dar enjoyed pine cones with peanut butter and raisins, and peanut gift-bags in the morning and later, for dinner, had personal watermelons, peach and pear sandwiches, fresh corn on the cob, pea popsicles, and ice wreaths with carrots and broccoli.

dscf3040.jpgThe spring/summer enclosure was festooned with a riot of colorful flower garlands, rain drops hung from the cage ceiling, and a spring cleaning bucket with water and sponges awaited the chimpanzees’ arrival. A watermelon patch capped off the experience with Tatu, Loulis and Dar enjoying their sweet dinner treat. In their fall/winter enclosure, shining stars looked silently upon snowflakes falling from a cold night sky as they mingled with fallen autumn leaves. Three ice wreaths hung from iron boughs and the vegetable jewels within beckoned the chimpanzees to partake in the feast. And they did with gusto!

Spring/Summer room with watermelon patch shown below.dscf3144.jpgDar in the foreground checking out the ice wreaths.dscf3119.jpgTatu and Dar in the Fall/Winter room.dscf3158.jpg

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