Adelaide’s Chimpanzee Friends

About once a month, Jason and I take our daughter Adelaide into the observation area to say hello to the chimpanzees through the glass.Over the last year, it has been fun to watch Addy go from sleeping through her visits with the chimpanzees to interacting with them. When we went to visit them on a recent Saturday, Loulis was very playful and interested in interacting with Jason, Addy and me. He came up to the glass and wanted to tickle Addy’s feet, so we put her feet up for a tickle. 

dscf3194.jpgWhen Loulis would put his hand up on the glass, Addy would too.

dscf3193.jpgdscf3195.jpgAddy was enjoying herself as well and pointing to Loulis and babbling. At one point, Loulis offered Addy a kiss through the glass.  Addy didn’t understand this gesture of friendship, but that didn’t phase Loulis who kept on playing with her. 

dscf3197.jpgI hope that Addy’s friendship with the chimpanzees will help her develop compassion for all life and to understand there is no ‘us and them’, but only an ‘us’ which includes all living beings.

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