Back in February we featured Brandon Wood on our blog. For those of you who don’t yet know him I encourage you to find out more about this amazing individual. Visit his blog at http://makeachimpsmile.blogspot.com/ or find him on Facebook. Yes, Brandon is a SuperKid and inspiration to chimpanzee advocates everywhere!  Yesterday, in celebration of his birthday, we here at CHCI threw a party for the chimpanzees sponsored by his mom, Deanna Fawcett Wood.

The human caregivers had a blast setting up the party room for the chimpanzees. Forage treats included in the party room were as follows:  cherries, peaches, apricots, walnuts, licorice and grape juice.  From what I could tell the party was a success with the chimpanzees too!

Dar enjoying his forage.

Loulis food peering at Tatu’s plum.

Loulis relaxing in the party room. Notice his drooped lip?  That’s a relaxed and happy chimpanzee face.

Dar with one of his favorites . . . juice, of course!

Tatu discovers the piñata treats.

Tatu & Loulis in the party room enjoying their respective treats.

The party continued later with pizza, fruit tea, and a fruit platter for dinner.  All and all it appeared a satisfying party for these three chimpanzees.  Thanks again to Brandon & Deanna for making it possible.

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