What the Chimpanzees See

It’s summer time, and the garden is beginning to grow! Here are some pictures of what Tatu, Loulis, and Dar see from their outdoor enclosure.

dscf2341.jpgOnion Flowers

dscf2344.jpgSage Flowers

dscf2349.jpgDandelion by Raspberry Brambles

dscf2353.jpgBaby Peaches

dscf2359.jpgStrawberries Ripening

dscf2364.jpgTomato Blossoms

dscf2365.jpgBlue and Pink Forgetmenots

dscf2367.jpgBaby Apples

dscf2376.jpgBlack Violets

dscf2394.jpgNew Raspberry Leaves

dscf2398.jpgSpearmint in between Raspberry Brambles

dscf2361.jpgSweetmint Leaves

dscf2362.jpgCelery Plant

The berm garden looks beautiful! Thank you to everyone who helped to make the garden grow!

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