Loulis’s Birthday Luau & Mother’s Day Party


Loulis’s  birthday is May 10th.  Often his birthday falls on Mother’s Day and, even when it doesn’t, it’s so close that the celebrations have been combined together into one big party.   This year’s party was sponsored by the generous donation of Pamela Farr in memory of her mother, Helen Balich Farr.  Pamela’s donation provided a fabulous luau themed party with plenty of treats for the chimpanzees.    Treat bags included any combination of the
following items:  granola bars; pretzels; ranch-flavored sunflower seeds; chewy fruit snacks; strawberry newtons; peanut butter sandwich crackers; apple juice boxes and raisins.  In addition to the treat bags, Audrey Johnson, one of CHCI’s current volunteers created home-made frozen peanut butter banana pops as a special surprise.  Decorating was fun and accompanied by the excited breathy-pants & occasional pant-hoots of the chimpanzees as they watched the preparations.

Loulis with a banana pop from the top of the platform in the East playroom.


Tatu (foreground) and Loulis (background) foraging for treats.


Dar in action (in the shaky tree) snagging a treat bag from the wall.


Loulis on his way out to enjoy both the sunshine and more banana pops.


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