Cinco de Mayo!!


On Wednesday, Cinco de Mayo, we created a fiesta for our chimpanzee friends in celebration of the day.  Although this holiday has limited significance in Mexico, it is currently widely observed in the United States as a day to celebrate and honor Mexican heritage in much a similar fashion as St. Patrick’s Day honors Irish heritage. For those of us at the Chimpanzee & Human Communication Institute it offered a good opportunity for enriching the lives of the chimpanzees that live here by getting creative with the dinner options!  The caregivers made an enviable spread that included vegetarian tacos, home-made Spanish rice, Rosie’s secret recipe guacamole, and stuffed bell peppers.    The feast was well received by Tatu, Dar & Loulis who appeared to appreciate our efforts!

Here’s the majority of the feast.


And the delicious looking tacos.


Dar enjoyed  the lime seltzer forage.


And he shared his tacos with Loulis up in the tunnel.


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