Sun Kim’s Birthday Bash


For those who don’t know, recently CHCI started offering the ability to sponsor a party for the chimpanzees by donating for the cost of party decorations and treats. Some generous folks (Thanks Kevin & Jennifer!) donated to the chimpanzees in honor of their friend Sun’s birthday. Their donation provided trail mix, party decorations, soft pretzels and animal crackers. The trail mix and animal crackers were taped up tightly in cardboard
boxes to make the forage challenging. As the caregivers carried the enrichment and party treats past the chimpanzees into the playrooms and announced that today was a party, excited breathy pants began. They peered through the doors watching us climbing high to scatter the treats around and decorate the room with sci-fi themed enrichment.

            When the doors finally opened, the chimpanzees hurried excitedly into the east playroom and began hunting for goodies. Tatu immediately found a soft pretzel hidden
near a tire, still warm from the oven.


Loulis foraged through some clothes, eating raisins and M&Ms that were scattered in some clothing.


Dar stumbled upon what looked like spaghetti noodles and dumplings and gave it a try.


He quickly discovered to his dismay it was fake, just yarn made of noodles and
fake dumplings; after this initial disappointment Dar searched a little harder
and soon climbed up high onto a platform to discover one of the big taped boxes
filled with trail mix and animal crackers. Dar pretty quickly figured out how
to get the box open. It took a little time pulling apart all of that tape, but
he enjoyed his reward, a whole box to himself.

            The rest of the morning was fairly relaxed. The chimpanzees continued searching for treats excitedly and Loulis engaged in a very fast game of chase with one of the caregivers in between forages. Tatu found another treat box up high in the climbing tree
while Dar made his way to relax near the cargo net. All in all it was a very happy morning!


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