St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day at the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute was a day of celebration! Thanks to a sponsorship by Katie Dobkowski, the chimpanzees enjoyed an elaborate feast of treats in the morning and a special evening meal. The morning’s festivities were so exciting, in fact, that neither Tatu, Loulis, nor Dar came in for lunch!

The interns on staff the morning of March 17th put out decorations and all kinds of treats for the chimpanzees to enjoy. On party days, special food items are scattered around one of the playrooms and hidden in enrichment items to allow the party to last all day! For this party, food was hidden in small envelopes, sealed containers, purses, bags, and even scattered over the high climbing structures! Sometimes the chimpanzees are still munching on morning treats on their way in for dinner in the afternoon! For St. Patrick’s Day, Tatu, Loulis, and Dar enjoyed raisins, figs, mixed dried fruit (including prunes, pears, apples, and apricots), peanuts, sunflower seeds, and even some peanut butter-filled pretzels. Some extra-special treats included cheese crackers, some pieces of candy, and apple juice boxes. The feast was met with excited food grunts and squeaks from all three chimpanzees. Loulis especially enjoyed the pretzels with peanut butter, while Dar ate many of the “Fig Newton”-style apple bars. Tatu tasted a little bit of everything, especially enjoying the juice boxes and cheese crackers.

The chimpanzees are always served a carbohydrate-based dinner, and its ingredients vary each day. On St. Patrick’s Day, the chimpanzees were served sandwiches with peanut butter and bananas. Sandwiches are a favorite around CHCI, and these sandwiches were served with a side of potato, carrot, and onion casserole prepared by CHCI technician Lisa Schuster-Lyons.

Thank you to Katie Dobkowski for providing support for this celebration! The decorations looked great and the food was delicious! Parties are a very special way for the human caregivers to make captive life more interesting for Tatu, Loulis, and Dar. To find out how you can sponsor a party, please visit

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