A Party for All Primates

This past Friday (February 26th) was an exciting day for all of the primates at the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Insititute! For his 21st birthday, Central Washington University student Cameron Jessup decided to throw an electronic music event at Ellensburg’s newest venue, Raw Space, with ticket sales benefiting Friends of Washoe. The venue space was generously donated by the owner of Raw Space, the deejays (most of which drove over from Seattle for the event) played for free, and local visual artists donated art pieces that were put up for silent auction. Jessup called the event “HANDS,” as hands are unique to primates, and charged a $5.00 admission price for six hours of electronic music!
The event itself was exciting; some deejays performed with CDs while others used top-of-the-line production equipment to put on a unique performance during their 45-minute sets. Headliner “Sweatbox” put on a great show, playing breaks (including some Queen and even the theme from Super Mario Brothers!) and some drum and bass. Party guests were able to browse a table full of homemade bracelets (courtesy of CHCI students Lindsay Zager, Lani Gusman, and Missie Cole), glowsticks, and candy, and were free to bid on art pieces throughout the night. Promoter Cameron Jessup even borrowed an industrial-strength fog machine and some lasers to add to the night’s magic! Guests were even able to dance the night away while enjoying a slide show featuring the chimpanzees of CHCI!
Overall, the event was a huge success! Friends of Washoe made nearly $1000.00 in donations! Almost all of the art pieces were purchased by party-goers, and guests even made donations for the bracelets and candy available at the event. Thank you to everyone who helped put on this amazing fundraiser! All of the primates at CHCI are so grateful for all of the hard work that this event’s participants put in to make this an enjoyable and successful event. Though electronic music and dancing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, everyone worked together to make it a great night for all involved!
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