Valentine’s Day

Since the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day fell on the same date this year, the chimpanzees at CHCI celebrated Chinese New Year a little early. For Valentine’s day, decorations and other related party items were prepared over the three-day weekend and were ready for the chimpanzees to enjoy!


While every day at CHCI there is a theme to the enrichment that the chimpanzees receive, the themed enrichment on holidays is extra special. All of the students and volunteers at CHCI worked together to make hand-crafted decorations for the chimpanzees’ RED HUG/LOVE DAY celebration. The East Play Room was decked out in red and white and pink streamers, hearts, and clothes. Cellophane bags held stuffed animals and tasty treats. Perky purses and apparel pockets hid more treats, including lollipops, chocolate-covered marshmallows, peanut butter cheese cracker packs, raisins, sunflower seeds, and 100%-fruit-juice boxes.


Dar collected several of the cellophane bags and sat on the wooden platform to enjoy the spoils: lollipops, raisins, and sunflower seeds. He opened all of the bags with his teeth and peeled the cellophane back like wrapping paper. Loulis went for the treats hidden on the upper wooden platform – marshmallows and fruit juice. Loulis also pulled down all of the streamers one by one, making a colorful mess on the floor. Tatu found all of the peanut butter cheese crackers and ate the peanut butter first, before enjoying the crackers.


After all the treats were gone, the chimpanzees settled down for mid-morning naps. Valentine’s Day was a sweet success!

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