Super Bowl Party

Sunday was a holiday in American culture; Super Bowl Sunday- a day
usually filled with lots of snacks, friends, and excitement. Super
Bowl Sunday was no different for the chimpanzees this year, with a
special meal cooked up for the occasion. For an appetizer, in addition to
their protein biscuits, the chimpanzees foraged in their night enclosure
area for air-popped popcorn; Tatu excitedly pant-hooted early in the
morning signing POPCORN/ when she was told about the afternoon’s forage.
In true game-day fashion, the chimpanzees enjoyed nachos (tortilla chips
covered with melted cheddar cheese)and hot dogs (ethical and organic, of
course!) with mustard as their main course, with celery and carrot sticks
on the side.

dscf0743.jpg               Dar especially enjoyed the nachos, eating the cheese from
his own bowl while holding Tatu and Loulis’ servings in his hands and
feet. Tatu enjoyed the hot dogs with mustard, eating extra portions that
Dar and Loulis left behind. Loulis enjoyed a little bit of everything,
including the popcorn forage. Overall, it was a delicious and enriching
meal for the chimpanzees of CHCI; nomatter who the winning team happened
to be!


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