A Young Advocate

Just last week CHCI received a box full of wonderful RED CLOTHES and blankets from a young boy named Brandon Wood. Brandon sent this care package after reading our request for red clothes on our Facebook page. Tucked in among the clothes was a sheet of paper which had a handwritten note from Brandon: Please visit my blog. Thanks, Bye, Brandon. Curious, we surfed over to his blog to learn a little bit more.
Brandon is 9 years old, and he loves all animals, but especially chimpanzees. He wanted to have a chimpanzee as a pet, but after doing some research on the Internet, he found out that chimpanzees don’t make very good pets. So, Brandon decided to do a little more research, and found the sanctuary, Save the Chimps. Save the Chimps has been gradually moving chimpanzees from the Alamogordo, New Mexico facility to a semi-free living enclosure, made up of several large, interconnected islands, in Fort Pierce, Florida. Brandon decided to sponsor the move for one of the chimpanzees, Boy.
Happily, Boy recently made the trek from New Mexico to Florida, but Brandon is still raising money to facilitate the move for the other chimpanzees still in New Mexico. In addition, Brandon is one of the most active advocates for chimpanzees in captivity that we’ve had the pleasure to know. Please check out Brandon’s blog by clicking here, or by cutting and pasting the url below into your browser’s search bar.
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