Ethical Meat

Because CHCI is affiliated with a state university, even though we raise all of the funds to support the chimpanzees, we must abide by the rules for use of funds which are mandated by the State of Washington. While all raised funds go directly to support this family of chimpanzees, we must take the appropriate steps to ensure that all financial rules are being followed. We have had general approval to purchase produce and other small items from our local grocery store with the understanding that we also “glean” from the store. Gleaning is picking through the cuttings and produce that the store cannot sell for vegetables and pieces of fruit that can be used as food for the chimpanzees. Some of the smaller items that we purchase include meat and milk and bread – things that we cannot get donated or make ourselves very easily.
Because the chimpanzees grew up eating meat, and because they do not always choose to eat the “monkey chow” (hard, dry protein biscuits to supplement their fruits and vegetables), we offer them meat twice a week to make sure they ingest enough protein. 
Just last week we received permission from the university to purchase, and subsequently serve, animal protein that has been raised as ethically as possible. Because our local grocery store does not stock ethically raised meat, we needed to request permission to purchase it from another vendor. Having received permission, we have started purchasing and serving more ethical meat. 
And Tatu loves the new buffalo items on the menu.
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