More Sweet Tree Day

Editor’s Note: Audrey is a new Chimp-Care Trainee. She is in the beginning stages of her Chimp-Care training. This is her first Sweet Tree Day with the chimpanzees

Today was a great day to be at CHCI…it was finally SWEET TREE DAY!! Yay!!  The wait was finally over for Tatu, Loulis and Dar.   We all put up decorations in the east room, with Tatu getting more and more excited to go OUT.


As all of us volunteers gathered in the observation area to watch the chimpanzeess come into the East Room to start Sweet Tree Day!!  Loulis went straight for the gingerbread house, ripped the top off and put it in his mouth.  Tatu went straight for the meat, cheese and cracker filled baggies, trying to find as many as she could.  Dar went to the little picnic area and started drinking all the apple cinder.  He then found a lunchables pack, and took off with it to the West Room to try to eat it in private.  He enjoyed the Reese’s candy first, and then bit into the Capri-Sun juice.  Tatu eventually caught up with him, and tried to take it his lunchable.  Dar shoved a lot of the cheese and meat pieces into his mouth, then gave Tatu just one piece of cheese, as he quadrupedally walked away, his mouth bulging with snacks.


Later, while Lou was examining his gingerbread house, Tatu tried to steal it, but he oriented himself away from her, and she lost interest.


Dar found a pomegranate, and went up into the cargo net in the east room and held it with his foot, looking pretty sleepy.


Not long after, while I was on berm in the observation area, all three chimps were sleeping.  It seems that they had “Sweet Tree’ed” themselves out.  Today was a very ”black” day!! 

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