Bird Meat day festivities

Thanksgiving dinner was a huge affair at CHCI. The ovens were going for hours before dinner started, and the chimpanzees were waiting anxiously as the sweet and savory smells of turkey, stuffing, and homemade cranberry sauce filled the building.

2009.11.26(Thanksgiving) 062.jpg
Dinner started with an apple cider forage, which elicited many food grunts and squeaks. There was sweet potato casserole, topped with toasted marshmallows, painstakingly arranged by Lani Gusman, rolls fresh from the bakery, green bean casserole with almonds toasted by Missie Cole. The coup de grace was the turkey, roasted to perfection by Lisa Schuster Lyons. Debbie Metzler made the gravy, which was poured over the turkey and potatoes. Madeleine Leake made stuffing and Janie Gibbons freed the cranberry jelly from its can, and sliced it meticulously. Rebecca Hendershott helped with the roasted potatoes and cranberry salad.

2009.11.26(Thanksgiving) 067.jpg

For dessert there was a homemade pumpkin pie, baked with love by Robin Potosky, topped with whipped cream

2009.11.26(Thanksgiving) 029.jpg 

Tatu especially liked the turkey, potatoes, and both cranberry sauces, and had many helpings. Dar ate every roll in sight, and had several helpings of cranberry sauce. Loulis devoured the sweet potato casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauces, and the almonds from the green beans.

2009.11.26(Thanksgiving) 093.jpg

Dar and Loulis both enjoyed the pumpkin pie immensely; Dar had two slices!

2009.11.26(Thanksgiving) 045.jpg

In the end, everyone seemed to get just what he or she wanted for dinner, and in great quantities. What a party, indeed!

2009.11.26(Thanksgiving) 044.jpg
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