Apprentice Returning for Graduate School

I first came to Ellensburg during the summer of 2008, when I temporarily moved here to be an apprentice at CHCI. I remember thinking, as I was driven around town my first day here, “I left California for this?” I was not excited to be here! Thankfully, once the program started, I made friends, and generally didn’t have too much free time, Ellensburg began to grow on me. I even began to imagine myself coming back for graduate school, and enjoying living in this little town. Which is exactly where I am today.
    I am now a first year graduate student in the Primate Behavior program at Central Washington University. My time is split between taking three classes and working as an intern at CHCI, and spending time with my dog. Although a lot of things haven’t changed from my time here last summer and now, a lot of things have. I think the biggest difference at CHCI is that now I have been invited into ChimpCare, a level of training at the institute where the interns can serve the chimpanzees their meals and interact with them by playing games such as mask and chase (on opposite sides of the caging, of course). I am very excited to begin my training and see where this journey takes me. I have enjoyed getting to know all the other new interns, and spending time with the friends I made last summer. I have even enjoyed being back in Ellensburg, going to some of my favorite restaurants and walking my dog downtown. Overall, I can’t think of a better place for me to be!

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