Getting Settled

Editor’s Note: Tracy is a new graduate student, and will be writing a series of blog entries revolving around adjusting to the culturally new experience that is CHCI.

Home: it’s where the heart is. And, according to the Wizard of Oz, there’s no place like it. Family and home themes permeated Rockwell’s art; John Howard Payne wrote of “Home sweet home;” Frank Lloyd Wright redefined “home…” and I complicated it.

Moving to Ellensburg, Washington, was a very gradual process for me. Having my main “home base” in a Seattle suburb, only two hours away, was both convenient and complicated. I knew I would feel unsettled until I chose a side of the Cascade Mountains and stuck with it. For weeks, I commuted every two days or so, racking up the miles on my little SUV and ratcheting up my blood pressure, as well. The commute was beautiful but tiring, and I found myself getting far behind on what I needed to be working on. I knew I would miss my west side friends and family members, but it was time for the permanent move.

On September 7th, I finally committed to the east side of the mountains, accompanied by everything that I thought I might need.  I say “thought” because I had my boyfriend bring over various sundry items each time he’d come to visit. Scarves, gloves, sunglasses, an extra bag, the dustbuster, extra blankets, a can opener, reference books, art supplies: they all made the march over the mountains, weekend after weekend. And now that my home is full of everything I’ll need (and many items that, after some clearer thinking, I probably won’t need for the next six months), I finally feel “settled” here.

Getting “settled” at CHCI is another thing altogether, though…

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