August Enrichment Themes

1. General Enrichment
2. General Enrichment
3. Ice Cream Dar Day (Dinosaur Themed Birthday)
4. Salad Bowl Day
5. Art Day
6. Fiesta Day
7. Sparkle Day
8. General Enrichment
9. General Enrichment
10. Grass Day
11. Men in Black Day
12. Reptile Day
13. Dar, Tatu, and Loulis’s Rockin’ Luau Day
14. Prom Day
15. General Enrichment
16. General Enrichment
17. Yellow Day
18. School Day
19. Fun Fair Day
20. Support Our Troops Day
21. Bug Day
22. General Enrichment
23. General Enrichment
24. Hair Day
25. Zoo Day
26. Infectious Disease Day
27. Under the Sea Day
28. 80’s Day
29. General Enrichment
30. General Enrichment
31. Africa Day

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