The Mask Game

It was in the morning and I was cleaning one of the drains next the east indoor enclosure. I saw Tatu walk up to a new chimpanzee mask that had been put out as enrichment, she pointed at it and signed “THAT BLACK”. We think that black is Tatu’s favorite color; she also seems to use it to describe things she likes, much like we would use the word “cool”. She picked up the mask, rolled it up, and shoved it though the door that I was next to. When I took the mask from her she looked at me and signed “CHASE”. I put on the mask and stomped through the rooms. I ended up in the human cage. Tatu signed “NUT?” I told her “CAN’T NOW MAYBE LATER”. Tatu got a piece of garden hose (we put hoses in their room every day- they use them as tools, straws, etc…) and shoved it through the caging toward me. I lifted the mask and put my end of the hose up to my mouth, blew into it as hard as I could and signed “SMELL”. Tatu smelled my hose breath and signed “THAT” pointing to the chimpanzee mask. I pulled the mask back over my face (it gets hot in there!) and started a game of tug-o-war. She had a huge play face and was not going easy on me. Loulis walked up and Tatu gave him a play bite on his shoulder. Loulis joined in on tug-o-war so it was me against two chimpanzees! I didn’t stand a chance. Loulis had both of his hands and one foot on the hose. Tatu peeled back his toes so she could get a better grip. They beat me. Tatu signed “NUT?”. I went and got everyone a walnut. 
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