I’m Sorry Tatu, Loulis is Busy

Today as we invited the chimpanzees in for lunch I could see that Tatu
was torn between committing to lunch on her own or waiting for Loulis
to join her. She sat, indecisively, in Room 4 alternating between
looking longingly towards the crackers that Rosie was already serving
to Dar and looking out into the West playroom in search of Loulis. Unfortunately for and unbeknownst to Tatu the marching band was
practicing in the library parking lot across the street and Loulis was
much more interested in this sight than in any bean soup I might have
to offer. I sat down on the floor next to room 4 and clapped for her
attention. When she looked in my direction I vocally said, “Tatu, I
promise you that Loulis is not interested in lunch. He’s probably not
coming in.” Tatu looked at me, got up and walked out of room 4 towards
the door connecting the West playroom and the Outdoor enclosure. I
turned to Missie and said, “I guess she didn’t believe me.” As I said
this Tatu paused and looked back in my direction.  I said, “I’m sorry
Tatu, he’s busy,” and with that she turned around, picked up her sheets
and joined Dar in the night enclosure area for lunch. 

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