was volunteering as a presenter/observer guide during a recent
chimposium. When it became time, I took a group of guests down to the
observation area to view the chimpanzees in their home. When we came
in, Tatu was sitting on the big tire in the West Room looking at a
magazine. I noticed that she was signing CHEESE and so I told the group
what she was signing. I began talking about something else in the room
and soon after a guest asked me “Is this a sign?” referring to
something Tatu was doing. When I looked at Tatu she had put her hands
together in an approximation of CHEESE. I asked CHEESE with a raised
brow to clarify. Tatu paused to look at me then flipped back through
the magazine she was looking at and signed THAT CHEESE, pointing to an
advertisement for a cheesy macaroni dish.

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