Green Day

The “luck o’ the Irish” was with Tatu, Loulis, and Dar on St. Patrick’s Day, also known as GREEN DAY, accompanied by green decorations, treats, and an exciting dinner! The day began with the usual breakfast smoothie, and while the chimpanzees enjoyed an after-smoothie apple, the interns at CHCI went to work putting out an extravagant forage! 
Thanks to a generous donation from Ginna Keulen, the East room was decorated from floor to ceiling with green streamers, plastic tablecloths, garland, and a large inflatable leprechaun (GREEN PERSON).


For some special treats, the chimpanzees foraged for apple juice with soda water (dyed green of course), spread out throughout their enclosure in paper cups.

Dar drinking apple juice

 Also included in the donation from Ms. Keulen was a package of mint chocolate kisses (CHCOCOLATE SWEETS), and from the treat drawer at CHCI came walnuts, dried apricots, dried pineapple, and grape licorice!  The chimpanzees were very excited at the prospect of all of these treats! Dar especially enjoyed the green apple juice, while Tatu and Loulis seemed to prefer the nuts and chocolate kisses. The treats were hidden around their East room enclosure, in hats and clothing, under tires and even on top of their climbing structure.

Tatu and Loulis on St. Patrick's Day

Dar was so excited about the party, when asked what a picture of a leprechaun was, he replied, ICE CREAM (which the chimpanzees sometimes use to refer to parties). Tatu, Dar, and Loulis all enjoyed their special Irish celebration!

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