Foyer Projects

Spring is the time for renewal and reinvention. In the spirit of springtime we here at CHCI have been working to reinvigorate all aspects of our education workshop experience. First, our chimposium presentation has been upgraded introducing both new material and a new format that incorporates current technology like PowerPoint. Second, we’re re-imagining our foyer space to maximize the potential for learning. With the “Conservation Information” station & the “Chimpanzees in Captivity” station we hope to continue educating the public about the challenges facing chimpanzees and the larger bodied apes across the world in new and engaging ways.

Both foyer projects are currently in progress but some things to look for if you’re visiting in the future are the following proposed ventures: first, the “bushmeat tree” with facts and figures to inform guests about the bushmeat trade and it’s impacts on free-living chimpanzee communities; second, the visual aids (including maps & marbles) of current chimpanzee population numbers compared to ancestor populations to represent the scope of habit loss and population decline; and third, a new poster that outlines the experiences of chimpanzees in captivity in the United States.

In addition, our interactive kiosks will be expanded to address these issues as well.  These ideas and more are being fleshed out by a group of fantastic volunteers who are dedicated to making information available because they know that education is the best possible tool for change. I’d like to thank them all and encourage you to stop by if you’re in the area to experience the new educational opportunities that they’re working hard to make available!

Thanks to the following individuals for your continued hard work on making these projects a reality: Andy Gray, Debbie Metzler, Gina Stadtner, John Rinear, Julianna Bostick, Julie Reveles, Lindsay Zager, Mike Stucker, Olivia Brown, Robin Potosky, Rozsika Steele, and Sydney Self.

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