Serving Lunch

To get a snack after lunch the chimpanzees have to eat a bowl of soup. The soup has beans in it and we want to make sure they are getting enough protein. Tatu asked me for a carrot before eating any soup. I signed, “NEED EAT THAT, YOU KNOW.” Tatu picked up the bowl and started eating the soup very slowly. There are four rooms in the Night Enclosure Area (NEA) where the chimpanzees are served their meals. Tatu was in room 4 eating when Loulis called me over to room 2 for a second helping of soup. I was serving Lou his soup when Tatu came over into room 3 and showed me her empty bowl. She looked at me and signed, “CARROT?” I replied, “YES, CARROT.” Tatu was clearly pleased with my response. Dar was ready for more soup too so I went back to room 4 where he was waiting. I looked down and saw Tatu’s soup all over the floor! She poured it out when I walked away! She has been keeping me on my toes… 

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