January Enrichment Themes

Here are the Enrichment Themes from the month of January…

  1. New Years Day
  2. Tool Day
  3. General Enrichment
  4. General Enrichment
  5. Mismatched Enrichment Day
  6. Raving Rabbids Day
  7. Back to School Day
  8. Hot Tub Day
  9. General Hospital Day
  10. General Enrichment
  11. General Enrichment
  12. Muppet Day
  13. Feel Pretty Day
  14. Twilight Day
  15. Tea Party Day
  16. Mom Day
  17. General Enrichment
  18. General Enrichment
  19. Pink Day
  20. Red, White, and Blue/ Inauguration Day
  21. Tank Day
  22. Fancy Pants Day
  23. Germs Day
  24. General Enrichment
  25. General Enrichment
  26. High School Musical Day
  27. CSI Miami Day
  28. Asymmetrical Day
  29. Summer Day
  30. Grey Day
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