November Enrichment Themes

Editor’s Note: Every day at CHCI we put out a wide variety of enrichment items for the chimpanzees, usually based around some theme. Here are the themes from the 30 days of November 2008.

  1. General Enrichment
  2. General Enrichment
  3. General Enrichment
  4. Election Day
  5. Pet Day
  6. Baseball Day
  7. Music Day
  8. General Enrichment
  9. General Enrichment
  10. Jurassic Park Day
  11. Slumber Part in the Night Enclosure Area
  12. High heels Day
  13. Autumn Day
  14. Ghost Day
  15. General Enrichment
  16. General Enrichment
  17. Blue Day
  18. Football Day
  19. Yellow Day
  20. Cleaning Day
  21. Hanging food and toys in Human Cage Area
  22. General Enrichment
  23. General Enrichment
  24. Under the Sea Day
  25. Fishing Day
  26. Fort Day
  27. Bird Meat Day
  28. Black Friday
  29. General Enrichment
  30. General Enrichment  

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