Collaboration is the key to success

Collaboration is the key to success. That is what I have learned thusfar at CHCI. Everyone has a different skillset, and everyone can contribute something different to a project; but, everyone can contribute. This applies to everything we do here at CHCI. When the tops of the night enclosures need to be cleaned some people (those who aren’t afraid of heights) climb on top of the cages while others clean other areas. No job is more important than another, and everything needs to be done. If one person finishes his/her job before another person, he/she helps with what still needs to be done. Everyone works together until the task is finished. The same is true of projects. I have had the pleasure of contributing what I could to two projects so far, and I look forward to contributing to more projects as well as receiving help on some of my own.

This idea of communal support in all things is very different than anything that I have encountered before. Coming out of two years in the work force, I am used to working on projects alone or with one other person. However, I am one of those people who would normally rather work alone. Working alone allows me to take responsibility for my own work, and if I don’t complete it on time I have only myself to blame. But at CHCI, collaboration is not only encouraged, it’s necessary. It would take hours to clean the enclosures alone, which is time that we just can’t afford. Projects benefit from many different talents and points of view. So, everyone helps everyone else. This seems to build community among the students and interns as well as making sure that tasks are completed in a timely fashion. A success shared is a success multiplied.

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  1. Excellent post. I am going through a few of these issues as well.

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