Homecoming Decorations

For Central’s 2008 Homecoming this fall, the HomecomingCommittee challenged every department on campus to compete for the best frontdoor decorations. The winning prize: free pizza party lunch to the entiredepartment! CHCI students chose to participate in the contest, and designed adoor decoration that included Central’s color scheme (crimson and black) aswell as Wildcat spirit, and additionally the unique décor of chimpanzees.Wellington the Wildcat, our school mascot, was featured on the front doorwearing a shirt with a picture of Washoe on it. Loulis, Dar, and Tatu werealso depicted on the front doors. Dar was signing “RED” and Tatu was signing”BLACK” to represent our school colors. On one side of the door, we had”C-H-C-I” spelled out in depictions of chimpanzee hands finger-spelling in ASL. On the other side, we had some CWU spirit with theword “Wildcat” written with paw prints on each side, as well as “C-W-U” writtenout in bold crimson letters.

Door Decorating

To add a little more uniqueness, we made a stuffed versionof Wellington, and put him as a display in the side window along with a tablewith some chimpanzee pictures on it. Wellington was holding a book (This IBelieve) that all incoming freshmen read, and that the rest of campus areencouraged to read as well (Central does this every year, it’s called the “OneBook, One Campus” program).

Finally, we threw some lightsaround the door to add an extra glow. Students worked very hard for a couple ofdays to make the door décor very special. Judges went all around campus anddeliberated about who should be the winner. Sadly, CHCI did not get firstplace, but even so we certainly had a great time and the door looked so great!And we’re going to have our own pizza party anyway! 

 Finished Door

To see a slideshow of all decorated doors, go to http://www.cwu.edu/~publications/slideshow/slideshow.html 

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