January Enrichment Themes

Editor’s Note: Every day at CHCI we put out a wide variety of enrichment items for the chimpanzees: clothing, sheets, drawing material, containers, toys, hoses, mirrors, brushes, and so on. Most days we have some sort of theme to the objects, which helps keep us from using the same objects in the same ways day after day. Other days we incorporate a forage or something else special into the general enrichment items, as well. Here are the themes from January 2008.

  1. Tatu’s birthday

  2. Tropical day

  3. Back to school day

  4. Horse and dinosaur day

  5. General enrichment

  6. General enrichment

  7. Container day

  8. General enrichment

  9. Breakfast day

  10. Seahawks day

  11. Condiment (ketchup, mustard, etc.) handprints on the walls

  12. General enrichment

  13. General enrichment

  14. Fairy tale day

  15. Bird and feather day

  16. Ant day (with scattered raisins as ants)

  17. Insect day

  18. Blue day

  19. General enrichment

  20. General enrichment

  21. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  22. New movies day

  23. Hanging laminates day

  24. Mammal day

  25. Jungle day

  26. General enrichment

  27. General enrichment

  28. Ocean day (with Goldfish ® crackers)

  29. All enrichment on the top wooden platform in the East Room

  30. General enrichment

  31. Press and seal forage day

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