Scotland Day

Thursday 26th July was Scotland Day at CHCI. For weeks I had been (and still am) amusing everyone with my Scottish accent and so I decided to give Washoe, Loulis, Tatu and Dar a taste of Scotland too. The East Room was decorated with all sorts of Scottish themed items: flags, a velcro map of Scotland, a big Celtic knot design, a (replica) golf-flag and tee and some brochures of the Scottish Borders (where I grew up).

Decorations for Scotland Day

More Scotland Day decorations

Shona's map of Scotland

I was very pleased to see that when Tatu settled down to leaf through the brochures she signed BLACK (which she uses like we might use “cool”). I will be passing on the message to all my friends at home.

Tatu leafs through a brochure on Scotland.

Tatu sits atop a tire decorated with a Celtic knot.

Dar seemed to most enjoy the golfing area, lying back on the blanket and playing with the flag.

Dar plays with the golf pin flag that Shona designed.

Dar inspects the inside of the golf pin.

I also noticed him admiring the Scottish postcards along the window on which we had written messages wishing the family a fantastic summer and thanking them for their hospitality while I’ve been here.

Postcards for Scotland Day line the window sill in the East Room.

Scotland day didn’t end there, for dinner we hand-crafted fantastic green Loch Ness monsters from rice, potatoes and onions.

Nessie made a special appearance for dinner.

I just hope everyone enjoyed Scotland day as much as I enjoyed preparing it.

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