Casino Day

For my Enhanced Enrichment day, I chose “Casino Day” as a theme. It was a lot of fun getting the enrichment together. I purchased some sheets that had cards and dice on them. I found posters, too, that had Casino themes and even bought cards, chips, and dice for the chimpanzees to take up a real game, if they wanted to. The poker materials were everywhere at the end of the day so I imagine they had a good time throwing them and playing with them. I guess everybody came out a winner, especially me, as I got to decorate and choose all these fun things for them on this day.

I chose Casino Day because I didn’t think it was a theme that has been done before. I knew it would be fun to investigate, play with, and toss around the dice, cards and chips. Also when I think of casino towns like Las Vegas and Atlantic City I think of lights and fun. I remember my trips to Vegas and Atlantic City as two of the best vacations I have been on — and I don’t even gamble! Casino Day at CHCI was just like being in there except the lights weren’t quite as bright at CHCI as in Vegas, and the dice in Atlantic City aren’t quite as big. However the patrons at this casino were a lot more interesting than what I usually see.

Tatu foraged underneath ALL the signs, and looked in the homemade dice I made for the fruit that we had hidden there. She even checked the purses and each of the pockets in the clothing we put out. (I think she gives us more credit than we deserve for finding good hiding places for the food.) We did hide food in the mouth of one of the stuffed animals. Loulis found the hidden food, and put it his mouth just the way he’d found it in the stuffed animal’s mouth.

Casino Day turned out to be a smashing success! Especially, if you measure success by the mess at the end of the day. Washoe, Loulis, Dar and Tatu were all very enthusiastic, especially about the food. I think the decorations were appreciated too.

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